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Baymax NFT

The ONE and ONLY NFT collection give you #AVAX rewards.
Without a doubt, NFTs are a trend. Since the rise in popularity of these digital tokens, many projects have been created to increase their utility. However, these projects usually leave collectors and investors with a useless JPEG.
Here at Baymax, we see the NFT as a source of investment to bring rewards to our users. Thus, the Baymax NFT collection was born to increase the liquidity of Baymax DEX and distribute rewards in AVAX for all NFT stakers.

What is Baymax NFT?

Baymax NFT Collection consists of 10,000 NFTs (non-fungible tokens) living on the Avalanche network. Unlike the other art NFT Collection, Baymax NFT Collection is a collection of utility NFT created for the community to provide more liquidity for Baymax Finance and earn rewards based on the power of NFT.

Baymax NFT utilities

  • Baymax NFTs are designed to enrich Community Funds, in which all revenue from NFT is spent to reinvest to mint BLP and distribute AVAX rewards for stakers.
  • Get an additional gift of esBAY for your NFT.
  • Buy Baymax NFT SOON to get a better price.
The Community Funds are made up of 2 components:
  • Revenue from selling Baymax NFTs: All revenue generated from the sale of Baymax NFT Collection NFT (minting) goes to the Treasury (see Treasury page) and is invested in BLP to earn the fees charged by the platform.
  • Accumulated profits from esBAY and AVAX rewards: A portion of BLP revenues will be reinvested in the Treasury to add more BLPs and generate more revenue for NFT holders.
Key benefits of buying Baymax:
  • Provide liquidity for Baymax for long-term operation of swap and perpetual trading
  • Earn rewards in AVAX from Protocol’s collected fees according to your total NFT powers
  • Earn bonus esBAY to stake to earn more rewards or vest to get BAY
  • The value of community treasury accumulated through time, and with the non-stop fee growth generated, your rewards will be higher after each time of distribution.